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Wellness Lifestyle Recreational Cannabis

Wellness Lifestyle is a Canadian company owned and operated by connoisseurs who appreciate the fine art of craft cannabis. Products are grown across BC and are all organic. Our menu is hand-picked and tested by our own team to guarantee a standard like no other online dispensary. We pride ourselves on our product’s quality and potency. Trust us for all your cannabis needs.

What Is Cannabis?

Holding the crown of most sought after recreational substance in the world, Cannabis is a type of flowering plant that is used for medical and therapeutic properties. Also commonly known as marijuana, weed, pot, bud and ganja, cannabis is a psychoactive drug that accounts for a large portion of Canada’s agricultural economy. Wellness Lifestyle offer you premium-quality cannabis buds including sativa, indica, hybrids, and high-CBD strains — all sourced from our licensed producers who are masters in their craft. Our cannabis strains are grown using organic methods, all carrying a generous layer of cannabinoid-rich resin, and some of them pack a serious punch. Browse through our wealth of fresh cannabis flowers and pick a strain that will suit your preferences or medical needs.